Fire Ants: An Indestructible Species?

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Fire ants are common pests in the summer months, invading homes and stinging any living thing that gets in their way. Home owners, gardeners, even pets are alarmed at the presence of fire ants. New research into the behavior of fire ants has revealed how fire ants can withstand great hardship and still manage to survive. This research is helpful in determining new and effective ways of controlling the pests.

Fire Ants and Water

When exposed to rushes of water or wind, fire ants have a seemingly indestructible bond.  Using their tiny claws and mandibles, their tiny, water-repellent bodies cling to one another, similar to boards in a raft. Together, they safely float or adhere to surfaces without much disruption. Groups of fire ants can float effortlessly for days on end, allowing the ants to reach dry land safely.

Controlling Fire Ants

There are several ways to control the resilient and versatile fire ant. Since ants are attracted to food, keep a tight seal on all food products in the house. Seal off any holes or cracks in house walls.  In a pinch, home owners can sprinkle cinnamon or cayenne pepper over fire ants to encourage dispersion, since fire ants find these spices repulsive.

Though commercial sprays can be purchased at many garden stores and may help deter or kill the ants, for large-scale infestations, the help of a professional is recommended.  Reputable pest control companies offer immediate and effective treatments for destroying fire ants.  Be sure to discuss with your pest control company if your house is home to small children, and what precautions should be taken with pesticides in and near the kitchen area.  Safety of your family is of primary concern while pests are removed.

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