Top Five Allergy Symptoms from Insect Bites and Stings

English: Hives on DLdoubleE's back from an all... Hives from an allergic reaction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most healthy individuals respond to an insect bite or sting with no adverse side-effects. However, if you are with someone who has an allergy to a specific type of insect, then knowing the following allergy symptoms may be life-saving.

Five Symptoms of Allergic Reaction

Difficulty talking. Having difficulty talking after an insect bite or sting may be a sign that anaphylaxis has begun or is about to begin. If the impairment continues over the course of five minutes, it is important to seek medical advice immediately to determine the severity of the reaction.

Noisy breathing. This symptom is especially apparent if the person who has been bit or stung usually breathes normally. The inability to breathe deeply, slowly, and quietly may be a sign of an allergic reaction from an insect bite. Staggered breathing is also a sign, and sufferers should seek medical attention.

Swelling of tongue or throat. If body parts start to swell, turn red, and generally look different than normal, it may be a sign of an allergic reaction. Swelling can indicate anaphylaxis from insect bites and stings, so it is best to seek medical advice straight away.

Hives. Breaking out with hives is common for those suffering from allergic reactions to bee stings and wasp stings. Although it isn’t always life-threatening, the severity depends on the individual. That being said, after any breakout on the skin it is best to get in touch with a doctor and pharmacist to treat the condition.

Dizziness. If you or someone you know experiences dizziness, fainting, or collapse after an insect bite or sting, this is a sign of an anaphylactic shock, so seek attention immediately. Mere dizziness can develop into something more serious, especially if the correct precautions are not taken.

Insect allergies are just as severe as food or pollen allergies, and can present a myriad of different symptoms. It is best to speak to your doctor about how an insect has affected or might affect your health. If there are certain insects that have infested your area, you might consider calling in pest control specialists to remove the bugs in order to limit the incidence of possible allergic reactions for you and your family.