Autumn Bugs Trick-or-Treat in Homes

The autumn months bring cooler weather, pumpkins, and changing leaf colors. Unfortunately, these months also bring insects that crawl into homes and buildings to escape the change in outside weather conditions. Stink bugs are just one of the many pests making their way into homes throughout the southern United States this fall. As a result, home … » Read the rest


Also known as silverfish and firebrats, bristletails frequently invade homes, and will eat cereals, grains, breads, books, paper, wallpaper, and rotting organic material. They frequently live on the undersides of wood furnishings, in floors, or in walls, and prefer to be near kitchens or food sources such as garbage cans.

These insects prefer humid environments, and … » Read the rest

The Largest Aquatic Insect in the World

A new species of water-loving insect has been discovered in China recently, and its size has astounded entomologists. This insect is so large, it now reigns as the largest known aquatic insect in the world, surpassing the 7.5 inch South American helicopter damselfly found decades earlier. While it only lives a few days and poses no … » Read the rest

Spined Soldier Bugs

Spined soldier bugs are unusual insects, with their hard exoskeletons and their efficient ability to reproduce. Since they attack and destroy a variety of common devastating agricultural pests, spined soldier bugs are beneficial insects, and many farms across North America work hard to attract these bugs in order to protect their crops from other insects.

In … » Read the rest

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Edible Insects

While many people find the idea eating insects rather disturbing, others are jumping on the insect-eating bandwagon at ever-increasing rates. True, insect eating is not the most popular fad out there, but it’s slowly starting to gain momentum in many developed countries. The plethora of nutrients that insects contain is almost mind-boggling; bugs are protein-rich foods … » Read the rest

Raising Chickens? What You Need to Know About Poultry Fleas

Locally-grown, organic food has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and some homeowners have even decided to raise chickens in their backyards so that they have fresh, free-range eggs. If you’re one of the many Americans raising hens, however, you may have noticed a new pest plaguing your chickens this year: the poultry flea.» Read the rest

How to Eliminate the Top Three Garden Pests

Gardens are a fun way to relax, get fresh air and sunshine, and grow nutritious, wholesome food.While tending a garden can certainly be enjoyable, it can also become a stressful chore if the garden is infested with insects. Here are some of the most common garden pests, and how to eradicate them from your property.

Sticky … » Read the rest

GMO Corn: No Longer Effective?

Corn is one of the most popular foods in North America, and one of the most common ingredients in foods. It’s subsidized and very inexpensive, and many people even grow it in their home gardens. Corn is also one of the most heavily genetically-modified foods on the planet.  However,  some research is showing that genetically modified, … » Read the rest

Fighting Summer Wasps

A wasp sting can be very painful, and many people who are stung by wasps take it personally, seeking to eradicate nests in an attempt to take revenge. Nevertheless, wasps play a valuable part in our ecosystems, just as do bees, so eliminating them altogether could be disastrous indeed.

Their ability to pollinate flowers makes them » Read the rest

Dogs Battle The Giant African Land Snail

The giant African land snail is continuing its invasion of south Florida, carrying with it disease and agricultural devastation. This snail is extremely large and slimy, and can reproduce quickly. Over the last three years, giant African land snails, or GALS for short, have reached epidemic population levels, causing damage to lawns and homes all over … » Read the rest