The Buzz About Stingers

Here it is, the end of August. The time of year when most people are sick of summer and the oppressive heat and humidity, ready for some cooler temperatures. Its also the time of year when bee, hornets, wasps and other stinging insects become more of a nuisance than ever.

Ah, Fall!

The second half of ... » Read the rest

The Beauty of Spider Webs

If you are arachnophic, you may want to stop now. Or medicate yourself. Because you won’t want to read about an amazing, unbelievable spider web. Probably.

In order to make the news, a spider web would have to be absolutely spectacular, and believe me, this one is. Found in a park just outside of Dallas, one ... » Read the rest

Bee Vaccinated

One of the latest controversies being discussed on social media these days involves vaccinations. Many people feel that the vaccinations being administered to small babies cause more problems than the illnesses they are supposed to protect the child from. Even among the scientists there is disagreement. It has gotten to the point where it comes down ... » Read the rest

Snakes Are Good – Seriously

Snakes. Just the thought of a snake slithering through grass or hanging amid the branches of a tree can send chills down the spine. I remember mowing the lawn when I was a kid and having a snake slither right in front of me, I screamed like, well, like a girl. Only because it scared the ... » Read the rest

Bed Bugs and the Bottom Line

Bed bugs have become an ever growing problem. No one wants to have bed bugs in their house. But how would you feel about finding bed bugs in your hotel room?

Well, thanks to the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, we now know that most people would switch hotels or not ... » Read the rest

No See Ums……No Thank you

Sand gnats, sand flies, sand fleas, biting midges, biting gnats, punkies, no see ums; these are all names for the same bug. A tiny little Ceratopogonidae (latin name) that sucks blood from a host animal. A bug so small that you can’t see um. Or feel um bite. They are so small they can pass through ... » Read the rest

The Bug Who Ate The Kudzu

Kudzu: the bane of the South. Once upon a time some enterprising person saw some kudzu somewhere in Asia, probably Japan, since the name is Japanese in origin, and this person thought, “My, wouldn’t that make a fine ground cover for my garden? I think I will take some home to Philadelphia”. Wait, Phillie may be ... » Read the rest

The Maggots That Came to Lunch

Spoiler: Take care not to read this while eating, unless you want a reason to spoil your appetite.

When I was in school, no one but the most intrepid of eaters, would partake of lunch prepared in the school cafeteria. Being among the last of the baby boomers, it seemed that everyone in my class had ... » Read the rest

Here Come The Bugs!

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy”……or so the song goes. And indeed, after the harsh winter most of the country experienced it does feel good to go outside without wearing the entire contents of your closet.

But summertime is also bug time and then the living can be a bit more itchy. Mosquitoes, fleas, no see ... » Read the rest

Crazy Ants vs. Crazy Aunts

Move over fire ants, there’s a new kid in town. The tawny crazy ant, also knows as the Caribbean crazy ant, hairy crazy ant (although you need a microscope to see the hair) and Rasberry crazy ant, after the man who identified the species. The crazy part comes with their erratic patterns, they seem to ... » Read the rest