The Year of the Locust

One of the most amazing things in the world of insects is the 17 year locust or periodical cicadas, as they are more correctly known. By whatever name you wish to call them, if you have ever been in an area of infestation the sight and sound is something you will never forget.

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The Effects of LED Lighting on Insects

LED light bulbs are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs, and new measures are underway to completely replace traditional bulbs with new LED options. LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, and are one effective method of reducing energy usage worldwide. However, according to new findings, LEDs also attract more … » Read the rest

“Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite.”

Many an adult can recall being sent to bed with the words “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Just a cute thing to say, never giving a thought to an actual infestation of biting insects. While bed bugs may have been a problem long, long ago, by the middle of the 20th century … » Read the rest

Chocolate-Covered Insects: A Great Stocking Stuffer This Holiday Season

Chocolate and the holidays practically go hand in hand as many popular holiday gifts include rich, chocolaty goodness. Stockings are stuffed, presents are exchanged, and recipes are made that include the antioxidant-rich cacao. Some chocolatiers, while keeping in line with culinary holiday tradition, are seeking to add more flair to their season’s greetings—and it’s working. Chocolate-covered … » Read the rest

How to Maintain a Pest-Free Restaurant

A wetter than normal summer  caused an increased number of invasive, troublesome, and dangerous insects in homes and gardens all across the country. Restaurants are reporting a higher number of pests than last year, and the government’s health department is having to improve its measures against these insects.

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Zombie Bees

The northeastern half of the United States is beginning to see a surge in “zombie bee” populations. These bees have been infected with parasites that make them act out of character and then spontaneously die, and that have been spreading to bee colonies all over the country.

New England Zombie Bees

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Autumn Bugs Trick-or-Treat in Homes

The autumn months bring cooler weather, pumpkins, and changing leaf colors. Unfortunately, these months also bring insects that crawl into homes and buildings to escape the change in outside weather conditions. Stink bugs are just one of the many pests making their way into homes throughout the southern United States this fall. As a result, home … » Read the rest


Also known as silverfish and firebrats, bristletails frequently invade homes, and will eat cereals, grains, breads, books, paper, wallpaper, and rotting organic material. They frequently live on the undersides of wood furnishings, in floors, or in walls, and prefer to be near kitchens or food sources such as garbage cans.

These insects prefer humid environments, and … » Read the rest

The Largest Aquatic Insect in the World

A new species of water-loving insect has been discovered in China recently, and its size has astounded entomologists. This insect is so large, it now reigns as the largest known aquatic insect in the world, surpassing the 7.5 inch South American helicopter damselfly found decades earlier. While it only lives a few days and poses no … » Read the rest

Spined Soldier Bugs

Spined soldier bugs are unusual insects, with their hard exoskeletons and their efficient ability to reproduce. Since they attack and destroy a variety of common devastating agricultural pests, spined soldier bugs are beneficial insects, and many farms across North America work hard to attract these bugs in order to protect their crops from other insects.

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