The Ever-Increasing Cockroach

New research has shown that cockroach populations have risen by as much as 75% over the last ten years, and the summer months are when most people see the greatest increases cockroach populations. Hotels and restaurants constantly work to keep facilities clear of these dangerous pests, which can carry dysentery, salmonella, and typhoid. Fortunately, there » Read the rest

Essential Oils: Should You Use Them for Insect Control?



Essential oils have for centuries been used as a natural pest control method, aiding in keeping insects away from shrubs, perennials, and vegetation. In a world where chemical sprays are all the norm and are very effective, why would one decide to use essential oils for insect control?

When It’s Acceptable to Use Essential » Read the rest

Insect Flour: The Next Big Thing?

While you might not crave a dinner of grasshoppers and ants, insects are in fact excellent sources of protein, iron, and vitamins, and are low in carbohydrates and dietary fat. A new flour, called Power Flour, made primarily from ground, dried insects is currently in development, and scientists hope that it will help in the » Read the rest

Can Insects Thrive on Tears?

Thinking about creatures that thrive on the misery of others is a harrowing idea; however, it just so happens that there are insects out in the wild who do just that. Of course, they don’t delight in the sadness and drama of other peoples’ lives, but they do survive off the tears shed by fellow animals … » Read the rest

The Psychology Behind Entomophobia

It’s no surprise that insects have been the cornerstone of fear for many people over the years. Although relatively small, these creepy, crawly creatures cause panic in many.

Why Humans Fear

Insects are small and many are relatively harmless. Yet, many humans still view these benign creatures as a threat and feel anxiety that may be … » Read the rest

The Polar Vortex Provides Natural Pest Control

Many people in southern states can’t imagine how one could possibly live in an area that sees temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, many individuals survive these drastic conditions each and every year, coping with snow, freezing rain, and sleet. As with every downside, though, there is an upside. In this case, most individuals who experience » Read the rest

The Strange Gender Roles of Brazilian Insects

The lifestyles in Brazil have always differed from those in America, with many residents having access to the beach and the warm, welcoming sun on a daily basis. It turns out that it’s not only the people in Brazil that slightly differ from Americans, but the insects do as well. In fact, four new species found … » Read the rest

How to Have an Insect-Free Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is just about to start, and families everywhere are gearing up for the festivities associated with Memorial Day. Whether traveling to a far-off city, camping out in the wilderness, or spending time at a beach or the spa, everyone deserves a break from the mundane. While humans take a break this summer, insects will … » Read the rest

Eliminating Termites

Once they have invaded a home, termites are seemingly impossible to eradicate and leave trails of destruction everywhere. Fortunately, once you know what attracts termites and what deters them, you can find unique ways of beating termites once and for all.

What Attracts Termites?

What many pest control experts know is that light and moisture are … » Read the rest

The Striking Similarity Between Humans and Cockroaches

For thousands of years, cockroaches have meandered their way around the face of the planet, slowly crawling their way into every crevice, hallway, and sidewalk in America. Not only has their existence plagued the world for centuries, but so has our aversion to them, with many people suffering from severe cockroach phobias. Science, however, is slowly … » Read the rest