Radiation and Insects – A Life’s Work

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger is an amazing artist, even if her preferred subject matter may be a little out of the norm. Born in 1944 in Zurich, Switzerland, she worked as a scientific illustrator for the science department at the University of Zurich Natural History Museum. Her work was at an entomology lab where she drew insects that ... » Read the rest

California Water Blues

California is drying up. It is in the fourth year of a drought that has cost millions already with no relief in sight. Whole groves of nut and fruit producing trees have died off due to lack of moisture. The state relies on melted snow from the Sierra Nevada mountains for up to 30 percent of ... » Read the rest

Florida – It’s a Snake’s World

Florida is said to be ground zero for the proliferation of invasive species. Its warm temperatures and tropical waters provides an abundance of food for many small critters and they become food for the larger ones. There are so many invasive species in Florida, its hard to say what the worst ones are, but the Burmese ... » Read the rest

Fleas and Ticks and Flies – Oh My

Spring is here, finally. And with it, the showers that bring May flowers and irritating insects, like fleas, mosquitos, gnats and my favorite insect to hate, no-see-ums, as they are known in the south.

Shortly after moving to the south from Chicago, which may have a lot of its own kinds of pests, but thankfully, has ... » Read the rest

The Trouble With Invasive Species

Anyone who lives in or has been to the southern United States is aware of kudzu. Driving on a highway on a moonlit night, the eerie sight of a roadside forest engulfed in an oppressive, clinging, choking vine of kudzu conjures thoughts of a supernatural nature. You could easily imagine a large, green monster rising up ... » Read the rest

Spider Goats to the Rescue?

Science is moving along at an alarming rate. Miss a couple of issues of Popular Science and you are left in the dust, completely unaware of advances that will change the world, or so the scientists would have you believe. Whether these changes are for the good or to the detriment of mankind, only time will ... » Read the rest

The Problem With Superbugs

It happened while I was watching a show about GMOs or genetically modified organisms. The consensus was, no one knows how GMOs will affect human life. Whether it will do good or bad, bring health or death to humans. Studies that have been done have been discounted by one side, held as gospel by the other. ... » Read the rest

Bee City USA

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you have heard the alarming news that bees are disappearing. Since reports of Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, began wiping out whole colonies of the insects around 2006, an alarm began to be sounded not just among bee keepers, but also anyone who likes ... » Read the rest

Working Insects

This one falls under the “I thought I had seen everything” category. I thought there was nothing left in this world that was so strange, new or bizarre to absolutely astonish me. Nothing. Until I heard about the cyborg cockroaches with surveillance backpacks. Huh. Okay, so I haven’t seen everything.

There is a team of scientists ... » Read the rest

Death of a Forest

“I THINK that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.”
I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Kilmer, trees are wonderful. Who doesn’t love a beautiful tree? So versatile, they give you beautiful blossoms in the spring, shade in the summer, fruit in the fall, offer refuge to birds and animals and the very best ... » Read the rest