Weather Prediction in the Natural World

Everyone knows it’s all a bit of fun, something to look forward to in the middle of winter. No one actually puts stock in a rodent predicting the weather, especially when the test is whether or not he sees his shadow. This year it was overcast and he still saw his shadow, go figure.

“Old Wives … » Read the rest

Pets or Pests

Pets. Almost everyone has at least one. A cute fuzzy kitty or a floppy eared hound dog, a fluffy bunny or even a happy, talking bird. I had a turtle once, won it at a school Fun Fair. It escaped from its bowl and strangely, was never found again. Animals are beloved because they give us … » Read the rest

The End of Mosquitoes?

GMO – Genetically modified organisms. Just the mention of it can send shivers up the spine of a wary consumer. A poll done recently showed 52% of those polled think that GMO foods are unsafe to eat and a whopping 93% said that any food with ingredients that have been “bio-engineered” should feature a label indicating » Read the rest

Gone Batty!

It is a most unfortunate tendency of humans to not appreciate what we have till its gone. Seems like we are so focused on solving an immediate problem that we do not have the foresight to envision what effects that fix might have on things around it.

For instance, it wasn’t until honey bees started dying … » Read the rest

The Beauty of Fireflies

It is cold. I guess that isn’t news, its January after all, but it is much colder than normal. And, I hate the cold. Not just dislike it, I HATE it. Granted, this IS the deep south, so it’s not as cold, as say, New England, but still!

So, what am I thinking of this chilly … » Read the rest

After a While, Crocodile!

When you think of pests, what comes to mind? Ants, termites, cockroaches, rats? All of the above and many others? Where do crocodiles fit it, or do they? Hmmmmm, have to think about that one.

The American Crocodile

Take for instance the crocodiles that live in the Americas. They are found in warm, tropical waters, like … » Read the rest

The Spider House

Spiders are great. They eat harmful bugs. Spiders are our friends. Or not, if you find them bleeding out of the walls of your home. Venomous spiders, no less. Sounds like something out of Stephen King novel, but this is a true story – you just can’t make stuff like this up.

Perhaps you have heard … » Read the rest

Arachnophobia to Arachnophilia

Arachnophobia. Its not just the name of a scary movie that gave spiders a bad name, it is a pervasive feeling among many humans. Why are so many people afraid of spiders? You would think since Eency Weency (or Itsy Bitsy or Teenie Weenie) Spider was either taught to us as infants or by us as … » Read the rest

The Year of the Locust

One of the most amazing things in the world of insects is the 17 year locust or periodical cicadas, as they are more correctly known. By whatever name you wish to call them, if you have ever been in an area of infestation the sight and sound is something you will never forget.

An infestation hit … » Read the rest

The Effects of LED Lighting on Insects

LED light bulbs are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs, and new measures are underway to completely replace traditional bulbs with new LED options. LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, and are one effective method of reducing energy usage worldwide. However, according to new findings, LEDs also attract more … » Read the rest